Our Services
Geyser Installations, Maintenance & Repairs

We are PIRB and IOPSA registered- is your geyser COC compliant? As we are registered with most of the major insurance companies, we provide a full service in installing and replacing geysers in accordance with SANS 10254. We follow strict protocol.

COC and Warranty Compliant

Insurance Approved

SANS 10254 approved
Drain Inspections & Repairs

We provide an inspection service to all drainage problems to identify broken pipes and blockages. It also allows us to locate leaks where there is no physical evidence of any water damage and enable us to track the extent of damage to the affected area.

Residential, Industrial & Commercial
High Pressure Drain Jetting
Underground Utilities Locater
CCTV Drain Camera Inspection
Leak Detection & Leak Repairs

We install new water pipes and repair any leaking pipe. In this time when South Africa is facing wide-spread drought, this could be a huge saving in costs or fines for leaking pipes. The precise location of leaks are detected by our specialized equipment.

UV Dye Leak Detection

Acoustic Leak Detection

Tracer Gas Leak Detection

Commercial, Residential & Industrial Plumbing Solutions
We provide general Commercial, Residential and Industrial Plumbing Solutions. Let us be your plumbing life line for even the smallest plumbing problem.
Qualified & Licensed Plumbers
PIRB & IOPSA Registered
24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service
Solar & Heat Pump Plumbing Solutions
Our teams are qualified to install, maintain and repair solar and heat pump plumbing related solutions.
Qualified & Licensed Solar and Heat Pump Plumbers
Environment Friendly plumbing solutions
Maintain living off-the-grid
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