Acoustic leak detection equipment

Acoustic Leak Detection Equipment

Water leaks make a noise and leak noise has a distinctive acoustic signature depending on pipe material, pipe diameter, and water pressure. Our electronic listening sticks can filter unwanted noise and help you pinpoint the leak location.

Correlation Leak Detection Equipment

By comparing the noise transmitted from microphones at different positions on the pipeline, and providing the correct parameters have been set, the correlator software can make a remarkably accurate estimate of the leak location.

Noise Loggers and Thermal Imagers

Leak noise loggers are usually programmed to turn on during off peak periods (usually about 1-2 am) and log any noises generated on the network. Comparing data from several loggers placed around a network will identify areas requiring further investigation.

Thermal imaging works by measuring and recording the heat radiating from objects. The images show a spectrum of colour in proportion to the heat emitted.



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